4 comments on “Two years later: Sexual minorities in Uganda celebrate the life of David.

  1. LGBT community across the globe will always remember your noble cause and appreciate your positive support David!
    May his soul rest in everlasting PEACE, one love!

  2. very good article Tinah and am glad lesbian and trans voices came out as farug represnets most of them..they have been neglected over the decades in the gay rights movement.this being our space we should utilise it even more to voice out…..You can get our brothers voices too but remember the reason as to why this the oldest Gay and exclusively LBT organisation in Uganda. lets not lose that focus esp in times of transition. keep it up.

  3. I took note of the fallen hero, when my Boyfriend and Long Jones told me about him. It is sad that he was murdered for just being himself. A Human being that did not ask for special rights, but Human Rights. May his soul rest in peace and his legacy live on in the hearts of people that loved him and knew him

  4. is being a gay a human right?then the world is no longer a place to live in.i embrace morality not what people put their money on to make people in desperation fall for them.to me sex between male and female gave me breath and forever i will advocate for it rather than homosexuality or lesbianism

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